Quality Scheme for Ready Mixed Concrete (QSRMC) also t/a Construction Products Certification (CPC)

The Quality Scheme for Ready Mixed Concrete was established to provide product conformity certification for ready mixed concrete supplied throughout the UK. It is a specialist body which brings together the producers of ready mixed concrete and a broad range of their customers, to set the standards for certification and for the assessment of the producers. The Scheme is governed by an independent Board which reflects the partnership between the producers and the specifiers and purchasers of concrete.

The organisations and interests currently represented on the QSRMC Governing Board are:

  • Association of Consulting Engineers
  • Civil Engineering Contractors Association
  • County Surveyors' Society
  • Highways Agency
  • Government Construction Client's Panel
  • Institution of Civil Engineers
  • Local Authorities Technical Advisers Group
  • National House Building Council
  • Quarry Products Association

The QSRMC Quality and Product Conformity Regulations are the product conformity certification standard for ready mixed concrete. These Regulations were drawn up by an expert group of specifiers and purchasers of concrete in consultation with the ready mixed concrete suppliers and the QSRMC management. The QSRMC Regulations have been approved by the Governing Board and are enforced by the Manager of the Scheme. He is supported by an assessment team of engineers who by their qualifications, experience and training understand concrete technology and the requirements of specifiers and purchasers.

QSRMC is committed to giving a value added service to ready mixed concrete producers and to their customers by providing:

  • precise and unambiguous quality standards
  • the specific application of ISO9001 to the ready mixed concrete industry
  • product conformity criteria designed to achieve effective control of risk at minimum cost
  • industry bench-marking data against which companies can judge their own performance
  • liaison with major specifiers and contractors to resolve industry-wide issues
  • access to the UK's technical experts in the field of ready mixed concrete.

Product Conformity

QSRMC certification provides a unique assurance to specifiers and purchasers of ready mixed concrete that their specification requirements will be met in full. QSRMC certification means that ready mixed concrete suppliers:

  • hold certification confirming that their quality system complies with BS EN ISO9001
  • design, manufacture, deliver and control ready mixed concrete in accordance with the QSRMC Quality and Product Conformity Regulations - the Standard agreed between the producers and their customers
  • comply with all other appropriate standards including those relating to the quality of constituent materials and product testing
  • carry out all strength testing of concrete for trial mixes and for control purposes in laboratories accredited by UKAS (NAMAS).

Certificated Companies

The Quality Scheme for Ready Mixed Concrete is a national scheme and there are currently over 1,100 QSRMC certificated plants throughout the UK. Certified companies are licensed to use the QSRMC Certification Mark on quotations, delivery tickets and other company literature. Certification is open to any company large or small which, on assessment, can demonstrate compliance with the QSRMC Quality and Product Conformity Regulations. Consequently the suppliers holding QSRMC certification range in size from small single plant companies to international organisations with plants throughout the country.

The Quality Scheme for Ready Mixed Concrete also t/a Construction Products Certification (CPC)
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Accredited scope of The Quality Scheme for Ready Mixed Concrete also t/a Construction Products Certification (CPC):

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